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PEI 4-H Fast Facts

4-H History

  • 4-H began in Canada in 1913 in Roland, Manitoba
  • 4-H began on PEI in 1918
  • 4-H was known as "Boys and Girls Clubs" until 1952
  • The 4-H motto, "Learn to do by doing", was adopted in 1952
  • 4-H PEI has a history book called, "Rural Roots".
  • The first 4-H clubs on PEI were:
    • Swine
      • Teach practical business methods, feeding, exhibiting, selling, and to instill a love for animals.
      • Gave members a means of contributing to food production while earning money
      • First clubs were in Central Lot 16, Tryon, Hillsborou, and Morell.
  • Poultry
  • Similar goals of inspiring young producers, increasing efficiency, and proper management.
  • First clubs were in Charlottetown, Eldon, Hillsboro, Morell, Mt. Stewart, O’Leary, St. Georges, St. Peter’s, St. Teresa, Tyne Valley, Tryon and Uigg.
  • The Women's Institute developed projects in home economics in 1933
  • The five 4-H Districts were established in 1970
  • There have been four Presidents of the Canadian 4-H Council from PEI:
    1942, 52 – Stewart Wright
    1975 – Dale Dewar
    1987 - Gwyneth Jones
    2000 – John J. MacDonald

4-H Brand and Logo

  • 4-H emblem is a four leaf clover with a capital "H" inscribed on each leaf and the word 'Canada' forming the base or banner.
  • The official 4-H colors in Canada are green and white. Green is symbolic of agriculture and youth. White is symbolic of purity.
  • The 4-H Mascot is Frisco the Fox
  • The 4-H Pledge, recited at the beginning of most 4-H events, is:

I pledge:
My head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service, and my
Health to better living,
For my club, my community, and my country.

4-H PEI Stats

  • On Prince Edward Island there are currently:
    • 570 members
    • 250 leaders
    • 23 clubs
  • In 2012/13, the top 4-H project was dairy.
  • One third of 4-H members identify as living on a farm.
  • The longest continuous 4-H Club on PEI is the Freetown Harmony 4-H club: 85 years and counting!
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