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Agriculture Awareness Project

No, you don't have to live on a farm or show a cow to be in 4-H. You do have to have an appreciation for your community, however, and part of understanding your community on PEI is knowing about our number one industry: agriculture.

There are many ways that 4-H clubs explore the agricultural landscape on PEI. Tours, speakers, experiments. . . the opportunities are endless.

If you're especially proud of the work your club has done in learning about agriculture in the past year, consider nominating them for the Women's Institute Agricultural Awareness Project Award. Applications are due November 15.

If your club is short of ideas, try giving this list a look:


· Dairy Farm
· Mussel Farm
· Atlantic Veterinary College
· Gouda Cheese Lady
· Soap Making
· Potato Museum
· Orwell Corner
· Fertilizer Plant
· French Fry Factory
· Wood lot
· Bio Farm
· Open Farm Day
· Farm Day in the City
· Organic Farm
· Soy Farmer
· Beef plant
· Cows Creamery
· Grocery store presentation/tour
· Cattle sale/show/auction (i.e. Easter Beef)
· The beef processing plant in Albany
· Omegga Egg Plant
· A chicken/turkey operation
· The Llama Farm in Winsloe
· A fish hatchery/farm
· Maple Plains (BBEMA)
· Money’s Mushrooms
· A Christmas tree farm
· Waddell’s Poultry Plant and Cannery in Crapaud
· Phil’s Organic Garlic Farm
· Vanco Tulip Farm


Guest Speakers on any of the following topics…

· A demonstration on ultrasounding cattle
· “A Day in the Life of…” a vet, farmer, livestock showperson, auctioneer etc.
· Farm safety
· Permaculture
· Technology in agriculture
· Pesticides in farming

A hands on activity:

· Do a scavenger hunt at a supermarket where members have to find information about food products, i.e. prices, items produced/grown in PEI, etc.
· Organize an Animal Farm or agriculture awareness display at a local fair, exhibition, school, community days, etc.
· Offer to host tours at a member’s or leader’s farming operation to kindergartens, preschools, community groups, etc.
· Prepare a 100 mile meal, having members gather all of the food that they ultimately cook.
· Prepare a presentation or campaign about agriculture on PEI.
· Community Garden
· Judging activity
· Having an agriculture project fair (like a science fair, with agriculturally themed topics. Could coincide with communications night)

Experiments and Discussions:

· The best soil for growing
· The best artificial light for house plants
· Farming Organically
· Are Farm Animals Color Blind?
· Animal Health Products
· The Champion Dairy Cow
· Is the Meat We Eat Safe?
· Chick Hatching
· What Causes Soil Erosion?
· Water Pollution - Farm Runoff
· The Importance of Earthworms
· Organic Fertilizer verses Chemical
· Biogas Generators
· Quality Control in the Food Industry
· The Spread of Blight in Potatoes’
· Nitrogen Fixing Plants
· The Benefits of Artificial Insemination

Visit for more ideas.



Women's Institute Ag Awareness Award

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