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Communications Project

Communication . . .

. . . in part is defined as the act or the instance of communicating; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas or feelings.

4-H Communications . . .

. . . can be defined as the sharing of information in the form of speech or demonstration. The purpose of the 4-H Communications Project is to provide 4-H members with the opportunity to become effective communicators by learning to express themselves in public, thereby gaining in experience and self-confidence.

All 4-H members must complete a communications project.

The Communications Project is divided into three (3) categories:

  1. Speech - an original verbal presentation which can be completed with or without the use of visual aids. The visual aids may include pictures, slideshows, posters, etc. However, the aids must not distract from the speaker and/or the speech.

    An illustrated speech also fits into this category and is defined as “mostly speaking with the use of some visual aids”.

    Speech legnths are determined based on ages:
    •     Junior (9-11) - 2-3 minutes
    •     Intermediate (12-14) - 3-5 minutes
    •     Senior (15-21) - 5-7 minutes

    Cloverbuds (younger than 9) do not have complete a communications project, but it is heavily encouraged that they participate as well. This may be by doing a speech or presentation, leading the 4-H pledge, passing out programs at the event etc.

  2. Demonstration - a verbal presentation showing how to do or how to make something, showing as many steps as possible. A demonstration is the combination of speech and action with visual aids. Posters, either digital or on Bristol board, must be used to illustrate, list steps and summarize the demonstration.

    Demonstrations may be done in pairs or as singles.

    Speech legnths are determined based on ages:
    •     Junior (9-14) - 5-7 minutes
    •     Senior (15-21) - 7-10 minutes

  3. Other - provides an opportunity for members to use their learned communication skills to chair an event or complete another communications activitiy as approved by your Communications leader and 4-H Specialist. These opportunities are usually reserved for members who have completed a traditional 4-H Communications project (speech or demonstraiton) several times before. Examples of alternative communications projects include:
    •     Participating in Young Speakers for Agriculture
    •     Presentation to a school or organization
    •     Participating in Ag Literacy Week
    •     Apprentice Judging
    •     Preparing a video for 4-H YouTube channel, etc


Planning Your Club Communications Night

Communications Leader Job Description

"Step by Step" Communications Resource

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Upcoming Communication Nights

March 8
Charlottetown Areas - North River

March 11
Charlottetown Areas - Cornwall

March 12
Charlottetown Areas - Cherrycliffe

April 11
Summerside District Competition

April 16
Charlottetown District Competition

April 24
West Prince District Competition



Junior Demonstration Scoresheet
Junior/Intermediate Public Speaking Scoresheet
Senior Demonstration Scoresheet

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