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PEI 4-H Trust and Grants

In 1987, the Prince Edward Island 4-H Trust was established to provide additional funds for programs and services for the benefit of the 4-H movement, its members and leaders.

Funds generated from the 4-H Trust are in addition to those provided by the PEI 4-H Council and current funding sources.

Since 1987,the PEI 4-H Trust has provided $50,000 in grants to 4-H Clubs, Districts and other initiatives. The Trust may pay expenses associated with the promotion, development or completion of any 4-H activity and generally for the continued development and promotion of the 4-H program in PEI.

As a trust, trustees are required to keep capital funds invested with the net income available for funding programs.


  • Rayanne Frizzell, Board of Directors - Executive Representative
  • John J. MacDonald - Member at Large 
  • Fred VanderKloet & Jane McLaurin - Voting Delegate Representatives 
  • Silvia Beaton & Dave Tingley - Business Community Representatives
  • Kelly Mullaly, Administrative Director - 4-H Staff Representative

All applications for funding must be made to the Trust by the PEI 4-H Council. Any 4-H group, club or District Council that has an idea for a new project or program and needs funding are invited to complete an application form and submit it to the PEI 4-H Council Board of Directors.

Deadline for applications is April 30.

If the board approves the request, it is passed on to trustees for approval.

Donating and Recognition

Funding criteria

Project activity evaluation

Funding application

Donations or Inquiries

PEI 4-H Trust
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 7N8

Tel: (902) 368-4833
Fax: (902) 368-6289


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